Do you have a blueprint for IT Transformation?

Aligning your IT with a cloud delivery model promises unparalleled flexibility and agility.

It’s a process that requires a solid plan, or a blueprint for IT transformation.

Take this simple, 2-minute quiz, and get an idea of where you’re at in your IT Transformation Journey, along with insight about how you can advance to the next steps.

Which of these resembles your architecture?

What percentage of x86 is your environment?


What percentage of your infrastructure is on-premise?

(all off premise)
(all on premise)

What percentage of your servers are virtualized?


Are you currently virtualizing your network and storage?

Do you have an IT Service Catalog offered through an online tool or portal?

Are you looking to virtualize network and storage?

Do you currently have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan?

Do you currently own your disaster recovery site or are you contracting out to a vendor?

Which of the following are you currently using for disaster recovery?

Are you currently considering cloud providers for part of your solution set?

For which part of your solution set are you considering cloud providers?

Thank you for taking the IT Transformation Journey quiz!

Your quiz indicates you are at

Step 1: Component-Based Architecture

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